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Pavement Restoration

Cracked pavements allow surface water to permeate subgrade soils, which saturate and weaken the subgrade. The addition of the correct fabric into a pavement overlay reduces the effect of mechanisms which deteriorate pavements and increases the life of the overlay pavement section.


Geotextiles are polypropylene construction fabrics used for filtration, drainage, and separation applications.

Sunbonded geoextiles are a sub-type of nonwovens, having specific properties separate from the needle-punched geotextiles. The Typar line from Reemay, Inc. are perfect for a wide range of applications, being the most versatile geotextile on the market today - having properties found in both woven and nonwoven-needled punched geotextiles.

High Strength
Geolon HP-Series products are woven geotextiles comprised of high tenacity polypropylene yarns.


Woven geotextiles consist of two fibers (slit tape) woven together much like clothing fabric. This material offers high strength per pound (grab tensile) of material, and has minimal stretching (elongation). Woven fabrics are excellent for separation/stabilization applications for roads and construction entrances. We offer two grades of woven materials. We also offer two monofilament wovens with higher hydraulic properties.

Click on the links below to open the ISO 9002 certification sheet. Please contact CSI directly for your job-specific certification requests.  See Leed information under Downloads to the right.

Nonwoven geotextiles are formed from fibers arranged, in an oriented or random pattern, into a planar structure. Generally, the fibers are bonded together by needle punching. Thousands of small barbed needles, set into a board, punched together through the loose fiber web and withdrawn, leaving the fibers entangled.

Nonwoven geotextiles range from 2 or less ounces per square yard up to 20+ ounces per square yard.  See Leed information under Downloads to the right.

Please contact CSI directly for your job-specific certification requests.


Landscape Fabric
The unique combination of woven and non-woven textile fabric prevents sunlight from reaching the soil which hinders the growth of weeds, but permits water and air to flow through allowing the soil to breathe.

Drainage Fabric
More information coming.  For now, click the title above for more info.

Mirafi’s FW Series geotextiles are made of highly UV stabilized monofilament and multifilament yarns that possess unique physical and hydraulic properties not found in other woven or nonwoven geotextiles.

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